11 Reasons to Pray

By Jeff Klick

R.A. Torrey was a revivalist around the time of D.L. Moody. This list of reasons to pray is excellent. All of them are based on various Scriptural passages. Please look them over and think about them, and most of all, please pray.

  1. Because there is a devil and prayer is the God-appointed means of resisting him.
  2. Because prayer is God's way for us to obtain what we need from Him.
  3. Because the apostles, whom God gave as a pattern for us, considered prayer to be the most important business of their lives.
  4. Because prayer occupied a very prominent place and played a very important part in the earthly life of our Lord.
  5. Because prayer is the most important part of the present ministry of our Lord, since He is now interceding for us.
  6. Because prayer is the means God has appointed for our receiving mercy from Him and of obtaining grace to help in time of need.
  7. Because prayer is the means of obtaining the fullness of God's joy.
  8. Because prayer with thanksgiving is the means of obtaining freedom from anxiety and, in anxiety's place, the peace that passes understanding.
  9. Because prayer is the method appointed for obtaining the fullness of God's Holy Spirit.
  10. Because prayer is the means by which we are to keep watchful and alert at Christ's return.
  11. Because prayer is used by God to promote our spiritual growth, bring power into our work, lead others to faith in Christ, and bring all other blessings to Christ's Church.

When we pray several things happen to us; First, our faith is built up. Second, our Spiritual desire is encouraged and enhanced. Third, prayer increases our love for God. And fourth, prayer cultivates our sense of dependency on God, and enhances our understanding of the sovereignty of God. Prayer changes us. The best way to develop a prayer life is to begin to pray! Start today. Walk, kneel, bow down, stand, lay on your bed, raise your hands, lay on your face, pray Scripture, do whatever you must do, but begin to pray. When we pray we will be changed, and so will all those around us. The disciples asked their Master to teach them to pray. So should we!!