Child Training Highlights (Part 3)

By Jeff Klick

We'd like to make available to everyone a short summary of our Wednesday night meetings. We understand that everyone can not attend, so we'd like to share the rich insights that are covered in the Word and expounded on by Mr. Fugate in his book, "What The Bible Says About Child Training". Below are a few of the highlights of the evening....

  1. Children progress through several more or less distinct stages of development on their way to becoming an adult; infant, child, youth, and adult. Each age requires parental involvement and training. If we do a good job when the child is small we will have the rewards of being a major influence all of their lives. Infant refers to a child who is totally dependent on his parents for everything. As an infant grows, he starts to become mobile. As soon as a child starts to move a parent needs to consider the training possibilities. From mobility to around 12 years old we may call them a child. Around 12 through 20 they are youth and after 20 they are adults. These are not hard and fast rules just guidelines for discussion.
  2. Each stage requires training. An infant needs total love and care, but as soon as you see the self will being displayed, parental action is required! As an infant moves into the child stage the work really gets started. Depending on how the parents handled the child stage, the youth will be prepared either to accept their teaching or to reject their advice, way of life, and even them personally.
  3. Children have a sin nature they are born with that must be controlled by the parents until the child is old enough to control it by themselves. A child left to control himself will bring shame on his parents.
  4. Child training means "the process by which the one being trained is caused to show the results of the training." In other words, a child is trained when the behavior reflects the goals of the training. If positive results are not obtained, training has not occurred.
  5. Telling is not training. Mere exposure to a good home environment is not training. Raising a child is not training. Just because you tell a child what to do does not mean they will do it. Just because a child is exposed to a good home does not mean he will himself have a godly standard. Just because you provide food, shelter, and clothing to a child does not guarantee that the child will grow up well. While all this is good and needed, training must be added to all of these if you wish to be successful. Biblical child training produces a quality character much different that would have developed had the child been left alone to grow up according to his own nature.
  6. Restraining a child's will is not all that is involved in child training. However, until the will is brought under the parents control, no training will occur. Parents are to work themselves out of a job as soon as is possible. Children must be taught to bring their will under subjection to the parents will so they can be trained.
  7. Training is a constant process until the desired results are achieved. Positive teaching will have to be repeated time and time again since it runs counter to the natural inclination of the child.
  8. Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go and, when he is old, he will not depart from it."