Child Training(Part 1)

By Jeff Klick

Dealing with a child's "flesh" can be very challenging, (so can ours!) Children are not born with very much self control. They want to have every need met instantly. Hopefully, as they grow, they are taught to develop patience and self control. This is one of the main jobs of a parent of small children - being the restraint on a child who has none! We've all seen children who have not developed any self control. You hear them screaming at the checkout lines in the stores...These children usually grow up into very selfish adults. Learning to deal with a child's flesh when they are very small will produce much better young people and ultimately, adults. Children sitting quietly in a church service is a good goal (and what we desire at Hope!) for each family. This can happen if consistent training takes place during the week. I recommend the book "To Train Up A Child" located on the information table downstairs if you are interested in a detailed approach to training your children.