Child Training(Part 2)

By Jeff Klick

Why do some children listen the first time they are told to do something, and others it takes 3 or more times? Training. We all train our children, some just do it on purpose! We all really do train our children to listen. Children simply know when we are serious. Some parents decide to make their children listen the first time (this is the only fair way!), and others train their children to wait until they raise their voice, or threaten them, or count etc. Children can and should be trained to listen the first time. This takes effort and consistency on the part of the parents, but it will pay big dividends in the future. The weight is on the parents to be consistent and firm. If you will invest the time when your children are very young, you will not have to expend so much energy when they are older. Teaching your children to respond to you the first time will make your life much simpler and also protect the children from harm. This will also help your children be prepared to listen to the Lord, when they are older, the first time too!! Children learn fast. Start today to require them to obey you the first time you speak to them. Be consistent and watch the improvement in everyone's life.