Loving Your Wife

By Jeff Klick

Men, one of the best thing you can do for your children is to love your wife! Be an example of a servant who cherishes his bride. God commands us to lay down our lives for our wives. We are not given a license to demand from them, but to die for them. God squarely places the burden in the relationship on our shoulders. We are told to live with our wives in an understanding way. Children need to know that mom and dad love each other. Children need to know even during those times of "intense fellowship" that the marriage commitment is for life. Our children need to hear us say "I'm sorry. I was wrong. Will you forgive me?" These may be some of the most important words you ever say! All of our children's life we are being an example for them. What do they see? What do they hear? We want to train them to be godly men and women who will know how to live with their spouses when God gives them a life-long mate. The role modeling starts now! Even if things have been "rocky" up to this time, start today. Ask God to give you a genuine love for your spouse. A love that is not selfish or self-centered. Read Ephesians 5 and ask God to give you the grace to walk it out. Ask God to change you, not your wife.