By Jeff Klick

To My Christian Sisters in the Body of Christ,

I am a brother in the Lord who wants to appeal to you for help. I love the Lord and am trying to please Him in every way. I also represent many other brothers who wish they could write this to you but just can't find the words.

We men are in a battle for our minds and hearts daily. This world system assaults our eyes and mind with pictures, music, entertainment, and words that attack our goal of moral purity. Everywhere you turn there are images that appeal to the sensual flesh and drives. Beautiful women are used to sell and promote everything. Like Job, we have tried to make a covenant with our eyes that we will not sin against God, (Job 31:1) but it is becoming increasingly more difficult. The Devil has stepped up his attack to cripple us men through temptation and wandering eyes.

My appeal to you sisters is for an oasis in the Church. It's one thing to struggle daily in the world, it's quite another to have to do battle in the Church. We desire to attend church to worship and be strengthened at God's house and hope for at least a pause in the battle with lust and compromise. The world's system has crept into and is trying to corrupt the Church on every front; selfish leaders, worldly music and entertainment, and now even sensual and glamorous dressing by the sisters of all ages. In the pursuit of fashion and acceptance it appears that many sisters are caught up in and being used by the Devil without even knowing it.

God has designed men to be attracted by what they see. When a sister wears tight-fitting dresses, slinky, clingy clothes, short skirts, or sleeveless outfits, it's a struggle! Eyes are drawn to what is highlighted on the body. Necklines that are low, or shirts unbuttoned, hems that are high, inappropriately placed broaches and necklaces all point to areas that we don't want to focus on! These things can draw the eye to places they should not be. Age, weight, height, and other physical features do not matter. The Devil is using inappropriate dressing to cause brothers young and old alike to have to wage war even during worship! We attend Church to find relief and often end up leaving frustrated and defeated. Please help us! Please take a moment and think about what you are going to put on. Where will someone's eyes go when they look at you? What part of your body do you really want men to be looking at? Shouldn't it be the face and eyes? Please, please have mercy on your brothers who are trying to live a godly life. Let us have a few minutes away from temptation and struggles. Let us have a time of refreshing and peace.

I'm not asking you to wear burlap bags, but only modest, loose fitting, clothing that does not highlight and accent your figures. Draw attention to your eyes and smile. We are not lust crazed animals, but men of God who desire to walk with you as sisters and not have to struggle with you as a temptation. We will continue to do battle on our end, please assist us in our struggle by highlighting your face and not your body. Thanks for hearing our cry.

A Struggling Man Of God On Behalf Of My Brothers In Christ