My Lifes Work

By Anonymous Mom

Used after some editing - by permission from author

As I was meditating upon the many accomplishments of my counterparts (women my age or older,) I was faced with the fact that really, I had not made many accomplishments in life.

I am not a mathematician, a professional educator, a highly knowledgeable professor nor an eloquent speaker. I have not completed any four-year college course of study for a degree or certification. I do not have a prestigious title in a prestigious firm or company. I am just plain old me who loves God. What legacy do I have to leave behind me to the next generation? My physical stamina and memory are not what they used to be. If the Lord were to call me home, how would I be remembered? Just as plain old me?

These are some of the thoughts I've had this week off and on. I've been out of the field of nursing for thirteen years now. I decided years ago, to make my "life's work" my marriage and family. I can barely teach correct grammar to our children. Yet, there is one thing I still can do - I can train and teach my children about God and help them learn effective communication with their Maker and teach them that the key to success is prayer.

I may never attain to any significance or importance worthy of this world's notice. However, I may one day, with my husband's and the Lord's help, be able to present to the world "my life's work," (or should I say "our" life's work!) These who will hopefully someday also consider it an honor and a privilege to be full-time housewives, homemakers, home educators and awesome prayer warriors! This is, has, and always will be my heart's cry in helping to fulfill the Great Commission.