By Jeff Klick

There is more intercessory prayer ascending to heaven than at any other time in man's history. 180 million people around the world have committed to pray for worldwide revival daily! 2 million Americans have committed to fast and pray for 40 days. Millions are walking through their neighborhoods daily asking God for revival. Tens of thousands of pastors from all denominations have met for four days to seek God for their cities. Something is in the air! !! God is birthing an atmosphere where He can arrive on the scene and display His presence and glory! We are all going to be part of it!

The best is yet to come in all of our walks with the Lord. The future will be exciting as the end of the age draws near. Very soon huge changes will sweep the world because God has released His Spirit to move on millions to pray. Every time in history when God's people began to pray, revival soon followed. I can't say when, but revival is on the way!

I went to a pastor's seminar recently where Steve Hawthorne was sharing on prayer~walking. Prayer-walking can be defined as, "praying on site with insight." We are instructed to pray in our closets. This is wonderful and must not beneglected. We are also told to pray without ceasing. This can be done while walking through a neighborhood, city, or foreign country. When you actually walk and observe the people, places, and various scenes, you get a whole new flavor for what is going on.... insight while on site!

"Prayer-walking is praying in the very places in which we expect God to bring forth the answers to our prayers." "Praying closer, praying clearer." God will give insight to various needs as we simply walk and observe.

I had this experience as we stood on the Great Wall in China. We climbed to the highest part we could find and began to pray in the Spirit as we looked over the country. God opened up so many different insights on how to pray. We prayed, sang, and wept. We all felt a tiny bit of God's heart for this captive people. I had prayed for China before, but not like this. I had insight as we were on site.

The same thing is happening to millions as they walk the streets of their neighborhoods. Think of the clues you'll receive as you walk down the street - the condition of a house, or overhearing a "domestic quarrel," or hearing that still small voice telling you how to pray for these folks in the brown house. Walking your neighborhood and asking God, "who is the Cornelius on this block?" Who is it Lord, that is ready to hear the Good News? You don't even have to share the Gospel. Maybe you are just watering a seed, or preparing the soil. Maybe you will get the green light to share, but prayer will be the key.

It's so simple the whole family can do it. You cannot fail. Just walk and listen to the Lord. Pray what you believe God wants to do in your neighborhood. Bless each house in the Name of Jesus. Try to hear what God's heart is for your neighbors. You can make a lasting impact in the spiritual climate of your world by just walking and praying. This can be done at malls, courthouses, city streets, and foreign countries.

If you want to read hundreds of testimonies of what has happened when people starting doing this, go to your local bookstore and buy the book "PrayerWalking" by Steve Hawthorne. We can do this. We can make an impact in our world!