Sitting Quietly

By Jeff Klick

One of our foundation stones at Hope is for the whole family to worship together on Sundays. This can be a chore with several small children! Children sitting still and quietly during the service does not just happen, it takes much training and effort! I believe it is well worth the effort! Begin to train your children to sit at home quietly. Start with a short amount of time, say 5 minutes. Reward them for being obedient, and also reward them (discipline) for any disobedience. Play the "quite game," seeing who can be the quietest for the longest. After they have mastered this short time frame, gradually expand on it. Most children can be trained to sit for long periods of time without having to go to the rest room, get a drink (most dehydration takes longer than 30 minutes!), or making excessive noise, in a relatively short amount of time. It takes patience, discipline, and desire on the parents part. Work performed during the week, will greatly enhance your worship experience on Sundays!