Unashamed Manhood

By Jeff Klick

I'm glad I'm male. There, I said it. It's 1996, liberal women's groups around the world are probably shuddering, but I'm still glad I'm male! In this day and age, men are characterized as weak, ignorant, insensitive clods, whose only hope is to be more like a woman. It's very hard to find any TV show or movie where the father is portrayed as sensitive, wise, and the leader of his home. In almost all of the homes that are shown, it's the woman who keeps it all together in spite of the inept man. This anti-men, men-bashing philosophy that runs rampant throughout our politically correct society, is one of Satan's key tricks to destroy the family.

In the beginning God created humans. He made them male and female. This creation process was His choice. One is not superior and the other inferior. Both are indeed very different; but both are necessary for the survival, and success of the human race, and for the proper working of the family unit. Both reflect the beauty and glory of God. The only hope for men is not to become like women, but to become like Christ.

It was God's choice to set up the human race this way; and our perverse society can shout and complain about it all it wants to, but it will never change. I personally believe many of the problems we have in our society can be traced back to the confusion over the roles that God intended from the beginning. when men and women function within their God-given roles, they have peace and the blessing of God. When we violate these roles, we have confusion and the breakdown of our society. God was not ashamed to create us male and female, so we should not be ashamed of our differences!

On this Father's Day, we should honor our men. So often we use this time to beat them down and tell them how far they have fallen, and how much they fail to measure up to the standard. The truth is, men, you are the creation of God. You were in the plans of God from the beginning. You are designed by the Master Builder. You're not a mistake. He didn't practice on you, see Hiserrors, then create the woman, as some have said. But, you're a well-thought-out creation. God created you with a purpose in mind, and you are the only creation that can fulfill that purpose. Nature can't, animals can't, and women can't, only you can! Do not let the enemy, or this world's system, beat you down. If this truth was not so important, the enemy would not expend the energy he does in trying to confuse the roles God intended.

Oh man of God, you fulfill a role that cannot be replaced by any other. You are designed to be the priest, prophet, and king of your home. A home without the head is like a body without a head, it just doesn't work and it won't survive. Do not believe the lie that you are unimportant, or that your family would be better off without you. God placed you right where He wants you. He will give you the grace to accomplish His goals for you. You're not required to be perfect, justfaithful. Never be ashamed of being male. Never look down on what God said was "very good." Lift up your head and replace the lies of the enemy and our culture, with truth.

Wives, look for something to respect in your husband. Encourage the good you see and do not focus on the shortcomings. He knows that they are there, just as you know the ones you have. Most men are painfully aware of their weaknesses. Help to honor them and build them up. Encourage your children to honor and respect their fathers. Do not shame them, but support them, and you will reap the rewards of a godly leader in your home. Help your man b~ all he can be by praising him regularly. You are often the key to the success of your husband's spiritual leadership.

Men, God designed us the way He wanted to. We will all be conformed into the image of Christ someday. In the meantime, let's encourage each other and strengthen each other to be all we can be in HIM now. Men, I love you and respect you for fulfilling your calling. Keep up the good work!

Happy Fathers Day!