What Can I Do?

By Jeff Klick

Have you ever asked this question: "What can I do? I'm only one, little, insignificant person. I'm not very important. I have no place of influence. No one is knocking down my door for wisdom and insight into all the world's problems. So what difference can I make?" We've all asked this question in one form or another. We wonder in our hearts why we are really here. Does it really matter what I do? Since most of us are not going to have a George Bailey experience (George is the main character in "It's a Wonderful Life"), we need help sometimes to see the bigger picture.

There are several significant activities that any and ALL of us can do to make a difference in our world:

  1. Excel at whatever you do. If you are a husband or wife, be the best one that ever lived. Husbands, lay down your life like no other man ever has. Wives, honor and respect your husbands in everything. Try to out-serve each other. Are you a parent? Raise your children to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. Children, be the most obedient, submissive, honoring children any parent could ever want. Employers, honor your employees and treat them with fairness and kindness. Employees, honor and serve your employers as though you are working unto the Lord (see Col. 3:23!). Do you have neighbors? Be the best neighbor you can be. Smile, serve and pray for them. Do you drive? Smile at folks, let them cut in front of you once in a while. Smile at the man or woman holding the "slow" sign as you travel through the orange barrels. Live a holy life so the enemy will not have any ground with which to accuse us.
  2. Next, all of us can pray. We can pray as we walk, drive, work, shop and play. Walk through your neighborhood and pray for each house onr your block. Ask God to reveal Himself in a greater measure to each one. Walk through a mall and pray for couples, singles and business owners. Drive past city hall and pray for the authorities who run our cities. Pray for the mayor, city counsel members, school board members, police workers, fire workers and other city officials. Pray as you pass the local schools that God would pour out His spirit on these sons and daughters. And that God would open the eyes of the school officials to His Word. As you pass other churches that preach the gospel, pray for their success and increase. Bless the pastor with wisdom and the congregation with a heart that wants to follow the Lord in all areas of life. As you pass known cults, adult bookstores, liquor stores and other places of known wickedness, do spiritual warfare. Ask God to pull down strongholds of lies, deception and lawlessness, and replace them with the truth of His Word. If you are driving past hospitals, alcohol and drug wards, or jails, ask God to comfort, convict and convert. You don't have to be obvious or obnoxious to pray. Pray in secret and watch our Father reward in open!
  3. Do something nice for someone.. Bake something, repair something, or buy something. We all like to receive gifts. In many cities there is a program that has been tremendously effective. The Jesus Video Outreach has changed thousands of lives. We are going to attempt to do this outreach in Knasas City, and I would ask each of you to pray about your involvement. Churches from all over KC are joining together to reach out in our neighborhoods. This Christmas we are asking each family to reach out to two or three of their neighbors. It is so simple that we can all do it. In other cities, thousands and thousands have come to the Lord though this outreach. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we will be purchasing the Jesus video. This is the book of Luke in dramatic form. This movie is the most viewed movie in history and has been used effectively all over the globe. The video sells for $7.50. Our hope is that each of us will buy two or three and wrap them as a gift for our neighbors. Then take a plate of cookies and the video and give them to your neighbors. At the end of the tape is a very clear gospel message that will lead someone to Christ. Neighborhoods are being coordinated to make sure each non-Christian is given a video. In one city 25,000 videos were given out and over the next five months 26,000 salvations were recorded and over 16,000 new folks started attending church! This is something that all of us can do.

So, what can you do? Be the best at whatever you do, raise your family for Christ, pray, give a gift to your neighbor. Let's all do this and see the Kingdom of God expand in KC!