When to Let Go

By Jeff Klick

One of the wickedest schemes the devil throws at Christians is to do the right action at the wrong time. A classic example is "letting go" of our children. Kicking out the little bird, letting them learn how to fly, exposing them to the world so they can learn how to resist sin, etc. are all lies the enemy gives us. While the goal of parenting is not to keep your children in their room the rest of their lives, many parents and children have suffered great grief by letting go too early. Children should clearly demonstrate maturity and the ability to make good decisions before they are sent out. We demand that our children know how to drive before we send out with our car, why shouldn't we demand that they know how to act maturely before we send them out into the world? Letting go of our children is the proper goal of parenting, when, is always the issue. The devil wants us to let them go way before they are ready and then be has a field day with their souls when they are out from our protection. Resist it.