Times Of Worship, Prayer & Teaching

Congregational prayer at Hope

A significant part of the life at Hope Family Fellowship, a family-integrated church, centers around our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services, when families join together corporately to worship & praise our Lord Jesus Christ, to hear the teaching of the Word, to spend time in prayer, and to build relationships. Wednesday evening services are held from September through May, providing opportunity for men at Hope to share what God has placed on their hearts and to develop study and teaching skills. We also have a monthly Evening of Prayer, a monthly Evening of Worship & Praise, and occasionally a testimony night when families again join together to be encouraged through worship, prayer, teaching, and the support of other believers. Both Sunday and Wednesday services are followed by a time of fellowship, where adults build relationships and children play together inside and outside.



HOPE worship team

Whether you want to watch while you listen, pop a CD into your stereo system at home or in the car, or relax with a great book, Hope provides many ways in which you can feed your mind with uplifting material throughout the week. Our Media Table is always available in our Sanctuary for you to browse books to buy or to order a free CD of past sermons. Sunday morning sermons are recorded and uploaded onto the Hope Website weekly. All of Pastor Jeff's Sunday sermons and the teachings of the men who speak on Wednesday evenings are available on the Hope website as well. A team of musicians, the Hope Worship Team, meets before each regular & special service to prepare for our times of worship & praise. The Sound Technicians are faithful to be at each Worship Team practice to help prepare for the service, faithfully taking turns with this responsibility to assure that our Worship Services & Special Services run smoothly. To enhance our Sunday and Wednesday Worship Services, PowerPoint presentations of songs and sermons are developed, which volunteers take turns running during our song services. Volunteer photographers take pictures throughout the year of all Hope events, feeding those pictures to one of our many talented people who put together an annual presentation of "The Year At Hope". A special presentation is also prepared for those graduating High School to be shown at our Graduation Celebration on the 2nd Sunday of June. Hope strives to keep you updated via internet access. Our Hope Website provides not only information to those looking around for a church home, but mainly to our Hope family. Members can access the church calendar, birthdays, anniversaries, sermons, etc. Our Hope Email Loop is available for members to share prayer requests, general information, items to sell, church cancellations, etc. We also have a text loop available to communicate church cancellations quickly.


Service/Outreach Opportunities

HOPE Clothing closet

Volunteer opportunities abound at Hope, no matter your gifting. Serving others and helping those in need are vital parts of the body:

  • Provide meals for moms who have just had a baby, whether it is their 1st or 12th
  • Cook meals before our Wednesday services for those who attend
  • Decorate our church building for special events
  • Organize and check-out decorations for weddings and other special events
  • Keep our landscaping beautiful from Spring through Fall
  • Clean our building
  • Greet on Sunday mornings
  • Help with set-up and clean-up for our monthly potlucks, Wednesday Summer Family BBQ's, Annual Reformation Day Bonfire, and any other gatherings we have throughout the year
  • Help organize the Annual Back-to-School Community Outreach Day
  • Organize the Clothes Closet, a free clothing exchange for Hope families, and help sort clothing donations.
  • Make a shoe box or two for Operation Christmas Child
  • And so many other opportunities that come up throughout the year

Our outreach opportunities strive to give testimony to our Lord. For example:

  • The Shawnee Mission Medical Center Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (SMMC NICU) Preemie Ministry welcomes all knitters and quilters to help provide specific items for preemie babies. Cookies are needed for the tea times set up for the SMMC NICU staff. Opportunities to quilt together and to learn to quilt are given throughout the year.
  • The Annual Back-to-School Community Outreach Day reaches out to families in our Hope neighborhood, providing free clothing and other household items.
  • Another great outreach opportunity reaches around the globe to China, where some of our Hope body have chosen to "adopt" a student or a child from the orphanage so that they can pray for, encourage and communicate with them throughout the year.

Hope is a community of believers who come together to serve the Lord in many different ways. If one of our Hope attendees has an idea for a ministry or outreach that they would like to see implemented, the first step is to meet with one of the pastors for approval. From there, support is given from our pastoral staff, but ministries are primarily driven by the one who sees the need and has the vision for it.


Men's/Women's/Family Ministries

Music at the Young Adult BBQ Social

Hope offers many opportunities for men and women of all ages to challenge and encourage one another toward growth as a believer: Men meet every Sunday morning at 9:00 for prayer in the Pastor's Office, and the last Sunday after the service for a time of discussion. Women meet for Bible study and prayer times throughout the year. Young ladies gather together twice monthly for Bright Lights, where they are encouraged and taught to be godly women. Young Adults have opportunity for fellowship at the Young Adult BBQ & Socials throughout the year, where praise & worship can usually be heard throughout the day. Children & young adults have opportunity to compete in Bible Quizzing, a program designed to encourage quizzers to memorize large portions of Scripture, understand what it means, and to compete throughout the quiz season with other teams. A home group for families meets regularly throughout the year for a time of teaching, discussion, food and fellowship. The Jacqueline & William W. Laufer Hope Scholarships are generously donated to our Hope Family to give young adults, seeking to further their education or career path, an opportunity to apply for a scholarship.


Special Events/Fellowship

Annual Reformation Day bonfire

Special events are held throughout the year, some annually, which always provide great opportunities for building relationships and times for families to relax and enjoy each other. The Annual November Talent Show casts performers of all ages with the many talents in our Hope body, such as juggling, singing, playing an instrument, skits, telling stories, and on and on it goes. Quilting Fridays are held several times throughout the year (knitters are always welcome) for ladies or all ages to gather together for a day of quilting, sewing, & talking. Many of the items that are made go toward our Preemie Ministry for SMMC NICU. Quilting Camp is usually held during the summertime to teach those who want to learn to quilt, or to enhance the skills you already have. Dinners for Eight give opportunities 3-4 times a year for couples to gather together for an evening of adult fellowship. Wednesday Evening Summer Family BBQs are held monthly during June, July & August with families gathering to enjoy a meal, fellowship and games. Chef Chad cooks up hamburgers and hotdogs for us, families bring side dishes and desserts, and a good time is had by all. The Annual Reformation Day Bonfire is a great evening roasting weenies together around the bonfire, eating lots of good food, kids running around playing games, and families enjoying fellowship with one another. Annually in August, a Back-to-School Outreach Day is held, giving away clothes from the abundance of our Clothes Closet to assist members of our community. There are many opportunities for evangelism, playing with kids while parents shop, serving food and drinks, greeting those who come, and keeping clothing tables organized. We strive to be a testimony for our Lord in the community that we gather in to worship.