Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Hope Family Fellowship was birthed with like-minded families that desired to focus on the centrality of Jesus, the authority of the Scriptures regarding how to live our daily lives, and viewed the renewal and restoration of the family as one of the best means of evangelism and discipleship. These men serve as the current leadership team:

Pastor Jeff Klick:

Pastor Jeff founded Hope Family Fellowship in December 1993 after serving as an administrative pastor for 11 years at a large church in the Kansas City area.

After 30 years, Hope Family Fellowship is still following the original vision which is explained in detail on the Purpose and Vision Statement page of our website.

Pastor Jeff has earned a Master’s degree in Christian ministry, a Doctorate in Bible Studies with an emphasis in theology, and a PhD in Pastoral Ministry, and has authored 12 books.

Pastor Jeff has been married to his bride Leslie for over 49 years and has three adult children and 14 grandchildren with one great-grandchild!


Pastor Arnie Pizzutelli:

Pastor Arnie has served in many capacities over his long time in ministry including being a lead pastor, an associate pastor, and a missionary to China for 25 years. After being forced to leave China, Pastor Arnie rejoined Hope Family Fellowship to help provide leadership, assist in teaching, and help provide general pastoral oversite.

Pastor Arnie also has a heart for fathers and spends a significant amount of time leading services at various prisons in the area working with The Good Dads program.

Pastor Arnie has been married to Pat for 48 years and has three adult children and seven grandchildren.


Curt Roggow:

Curt by day is an attorney and is the lead elder of Hope Family Fellowship and has been serving our fellowship faithfully from the beginning. An excellent teacher, well-balanced thinker, and all-around servant, Curt is part of the leadership team and a steady voice through the ups and downs of church life.

Curt has been married to Kathy for 47 years and has three adult children and 11 grandchildren.


Dave Robinett:

Dave by day runs a successful body repair shop in the Kansas City area and has served Hope Family Fellowship from its beginning. Dave has a steady spirit, good old common sense, and loves Jesus with all of his heart. Dave has been a part of the leadership team for 13 years.

Dave has been married to Diane for 33 years and has seven adult children and three grandchildren.


Brian Sander:

Brian by day is an engineer and has been part of Hope Family Fellowship for over 25 years. Brian applies his calm demeanor, leadership skills from his work world, and love of the Lord to each and every aspect of serving on the leadership team.

Brian has been married to Andrea for 26 years, has five children, and is expecting their first grandchild soon.

Please take some time and pray for each of these men as they help lead Hope Family Fellowship. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact any of them and they will gladly attempt to help you.